Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Lost Children of the Alleghenies: My Journey

The grave of the Joseph and George Cox,
Mount Union Cemetery, Lovely
I grew up hearing the story of Joseph and George Cox, but before 2010, had never made the journey to Pavia. On one cool October day I set out to find the memorial and the final resting place of the two Cox children.

The one thing I did not plan on was how cold the area of Blue Knob can be; it was warm and sunny when I left home, but it was cold and windy when I arrived at the park. There was a difference of almost twenty degrees. The park ranger I talked to that day claimed with a laugh: "It is always cold up here."

Another view of the grave of the Cox Children

The Cox Children Memorial, Blue Knob State Park

The adventure continues in "Histories and Mysteries of Pennsylvania: Volume One" available now through Amazon.

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