Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Murder on the Mountain: The Broad Mountain Ghost

Mountain Road, Gordon

A cold rain fell and fog covered the mountaintops as Mike and I made our way towards Hawk Mountain. We both knew the possibility of seeing anything was becoming slimmer, yet we still headed towards our ultimate goal. Though we had managed to stop at a couple of places, the cold rain prevented us from visiting a handful of places we had planned on visiting during this trip. To be honest, had it not been the fact this trip had been planned for over a month I might have called the trip off altogether.

The legend of the Gordon, or Broad Mountain, Ghost was one of the very first stories I had come across many years ago when I began collecting the legends and lore of our state.

Mountain Road, Gordon

Rock formation along
Mountain Road, Gordon

Rattling Run
Where it crosses under Mountain Road

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