Monday, May 30, 2016

Along the Way: Mineral Spring Falls

Mineral Spring Falls
The water is barely flowing in drier times
I discovered Mineral Spring Falls quite by accident.

My destination for the day's journey was the Loyalsock Canyon Vista. I had driven past the waterfall before dad brought it to my attention, saying that he thought there was a waterfall just off the road.

Backing up I quickly discovered that he was correct. Located up a narrow cut, the waterfall was roughly fifty yards from the road which made it easy to get to and photograph..

Finding a place to safely park, I grabbed the camera and followed a small path over the bank to the waters of Mineral Spring Run. The stream is named after Mineral Spring (a sulfur spring) near the junction of the run and the East Branch of Double Run. If you follow the Loyalsock Trail over the bank (opposite side of Mineral Spring Road than the waterfall) it will take you past the Mineral Spring. I personally did not go exploring in that direction.

Mineral Spring Falls
Rain/melting snow makes it
A little more eye catching
Note the ice hanging on to the left of the falls
I was immediately taken in by the narrow hollow which had been cut out by the waters of Mineral Spring Run. Centuries and centuries of erosion had cut away at the rock making unique, eye-catching formations.

Rock hopping up the stream, in seconds I had arrived at the plunge pool of the falls and began a photographing the falls. Mineral Spring Run descends roughly twenty to twenty-five feet over the rock face to a shallow pool at its base. The falls appear to be a slide type waterfall; this type of waterfall is one where the water drops and slides along a slope while consistently maintaining contact with the underlying rocks. The waterfall also appears to be of the fan variety – narrow at the top and widens, or fans, out as it descends.

The day I first visited the falls, it had not rained in a couple days so water was barely coming over the rim. A couple months later, with the snow melting, Zech and I made a second trip to get much better pictures of Mineral Spring Falls. This time the water was flowing rapidly over the ledge.

While most like seeing a lot of water going over the falls (including myself, because what’s a waterfall without water?) my favorite pictures are actually of the first visit when a mere trickle of water was flowing. To me, it gives a more serene setting, especially with the leaves floating in the plunge pool.

Mineral Spring Falls
A number of things when photographing these falls to keep in mind.

1). The waterfall can be seen and photographed from the road.

2). The best place (in my opinion) to photograph the falls is moving upstream to the start of the plunge pool.

3). Be careful going up and down the stream bed. The rocks are wet and can be slippery.

4). Mineral Spring Falls is best shot after a rain.

Mineral Springs Falls
Finding Mineral Spring Falls is fairly easy. From World’s End State Park, follow Mineral Spring Road. Roughly a mile the road splits – the road to the left goes up to the Loyalsock Canyon Vista. Follow Mineral Spring Road to the right for another mile and a half and the falls will be on the left.

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  1. Great article, as always. And you're kickin up my wanderlust. Looking forward to more of your adventures in the year ahead.