Sunday, August 21, 2016

From the Files: A Haunted Barn

An article I stumbled across in the February 14, 1881 edition of The Reading Eagle.

Joseph Raymond, colored, and his wife and daughter, are tenants on the farm of Charles Gillen, farmer, in Pocopson township, Chester County. Raymond declares that their barn is haunted. The door won't remain closed, though both he and his employer have exhausted their combined ingenuity in fashioning devices to keep it shut. there is a rattling of chains, and heavy sounds proceed from the barn, when the door flies open again. Sometimes the family hears the tramp of horses' feet, and the sound of a threshing machine going at midnight. A particular board in the barn refuses to stay in place, although it has been secured with 10 nails and a rope. It flies off as soon as nailed on. Raymond thinks that money is had somewhere in the barn.

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