Friday, September 23, 2016

Along the Way: The Kecksburg UFO Incident

The Kecksburg UFO Monument
I won’t start this entry by saying that Kecksburg does not appear in my GPS unit, nor does the postal code for Kecksburg.

I won’t even start this entry by saying that the last few miles to the monument site I was followed by a black SUV with tinted windows (that thankfully continued on when I turned onto Water Street).

After all, if I started the article with either of those two events that happened on my way to Kecksburg it would seem if I was paranoid. Just because something strange fell out of the sky one winter’s night does not mean there’s some massive cover up that has existed since December 9, 1965 and continues to this day.

I pulled into the lot located along Water Street and couldn’t help but stare at the odd monument that sits a top the pole at the back of the parking lot. Looking like a large acorn with hieroglyphics the monument was originally used in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries about the strange incident that happened in Kecksburg.

That evening thousands in at least six state and also in Ontario, Canada watched a fireball streak overhead. Reports of metal debris falling and starting fire across Michigan and Ohio were reported as it streaked eastward. As it approached Pittsburgh, reports of sonic booms were reported by residents.

The object crashed into the woods near Kecksburg. A local boy said he saw the object crash into the woods and his mother reported seeing a wisp of blue smoke rising from the area. Others reported that they felt a vibration in the ground at the moment of impact.

The first people on scene reported an object that was the size of a Volkswagon Beetle and appeared to be acorn shaped with strange writing all over it. Things would turn even stranger when the Army arrived and quickly removed the object. The military would later claim that they searched the area and found nothing.

The official explanation has been it was a meteor that crashed into the woods northeast of Kecksville. However, there is a better explanation that has a more Earthly answer and would explain why the military arrived quickly to recover the object.

After looking at a number of sources I think that there are two very likely sources that brought the military to Kecksburg that evening..

The first theory is it was a part of the Kosmos 96, a Russian spacecraft that fell to Earth on December 9, 1965. The spacecraft was launched with the hopes of it doing a flyby of Venus, but the craft failed to make it out of a low Earth orbit. When it was launched on November 23, 1965, one of the fuel; lines ruptured during the third stage of the flight, causing an explosion which caused the rocket to tumble out of control. The craft was released, but did not have enough power and stability to remain in orbit. On December 9, 1965 it was destroyed when it returned to Earth.

The vast majority of the spacecraft crashed in Canada earlier that day, but maybe a portion of it crashed within our borders.

A second theory is it was one of our own spy satellites that crashed into the woods. Some seem to think it was a GE Mark 2 reentry vehicle that had been launched a few days before over the Pacific Ocean. After looking at some pictures online, it may be the answer to what fell near Kecksburg that night.

Do I personally think it was a flying saucer? No, I don't. And for the record I don't think it was a meteor or a fireball either. I personally believe that whatever the object was, it originally came from Earth and was part of a satellite that had failed and came plunging back to Earth. Whether it was ours or one belonging to the Russians, we may never know.

Of course there is the possibility that it was a spaceship piloted by little green men. But I don't place much faith in that theory.

And for the record, Kecksburg still does not appear in my GPS unit…..hmmmm.

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