Friday, September 9, 2016

From the Files: Sky Mystery Over Kane Has Crowd Gazing

The McKean County Democrat - July 31, 1952

While jets whined into the air over Washington D.C., in search of unidentified objects - Kane residents, at least a half-hundred of them, where pondering a sight in the skies over Hilltop Saturday morning - a large cylinder like object which hovered over the air at about 2,000 feet altitude for an hour - possibly more.

The object was sighted by a carload of workers headed from Kane to the Dresser Mfg. Division plant in Bradford. They stopped and watched it. Not willing to be stuck with a story on their own they flagged other cars and soon a long line of cars was at the road side on Rt 6 a few miles east of Kane - and fully a half-hundred persons viewed the "thing."

The men had to get to work and proceeded east on Route 6 - keeping an eye aloft at the object. When they reached Lantz Corners, eight miles east they could still see the object - which then looked about two feet in length. Estimates from original observations indicated the object from 100 to 200 feet in length. One observer said "it looked like a canoe, with a couple of guys in it." Others agreed.

Early morning light, clear skies, and absence of wind in a dead calm, seemed to make the object stationary in the skies. From descriptions of the object, it was believed to be a large weather balloon.

One observer, a scoffer on "flying saucers" and other mysterious objects in the skies said, "I'll believe anything now" but I wouldn't have believed what I saw if the others had not seen it too. He said the way cars were stopping on the highway that scores of persons must have seen it and watched its progress.

Maybe it was the "thing" - maybe not, but Hilltop skies were full of aircraft over the weekend - some low flying military planes included. The planes continued over the area on Sunday and early Monday morning two huge "B-36s" moved over the area, going over Kane shortly before 9 a.m. at very high altitude. One continued directly west, the other changed course to the south. Both were jet equipped.

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