Sunday, March 12, 2017

Along the Way: Erie Falls

Erie Falls
Photograph courtesy of Susan
I want to start with stating that the trails winding through Ganoga Glen and Glen Leigh are steep in spots and can become slippery. Please be careful while visiting and hiking the area of the falls and please wear proper footwear.

Though the distance between the Tuscarora Falls and the Erie Falls is probably the shortest distance between any of the named falls along the Falls Trail, I honestly found this to be one of my favorite sections of the trail. With the amount of photographs taken by Susan, Kevin and myself, it was obvious that this waterfall was one of our favorites in the park.

The Ganoga Branch of Kitchen Creek flows around large boulders placed there over the years by the water as it ate away at the rocks in the glen. I could only stare at some of them in absolute amazement, seeing how the waters have tossed these gigantic boulders around.

Erie Falls
Photograph courtesy of Kevin
Having a drop of forty-seven feet, the water of the Ganoga Branch of Kitchen Creek cascades over the sandstone formations known as Erie Falls. Nature has placed it in the prime location - it is the final jewel coming down the Ganoga Glen or it is the first one if you are hiking up it.

The Erie lived on the lands bordering the Great Lakes in Western New York, Northwestern Pennsylvania and northern Ohio. The Erie are often referred to as “The Cat People.” Their full name (in their language was Erielhonan, which means “long tail” or “mountain lion.” The Erie were enemies of the Iroquois and by 1656 the majority of the Erie had been slaughtered by their nemesis. Those not killed were adopted into the Iroquois or were taken back as slaves. By 1680 the last of the remaining Erie surrendered to the Iroquois.

Erie Falls
Photograph courtesy of Kevin
In my opinion, the beauty of this particular waterfall pales only in comparison to two other waterfalls within Ganoga Glen - Ganoga and Tuscarora Falls.

We left the falls and a hundred yards later we were standing at Waters Meet. Here the Ganoga Branch and the Glen Leigh Branch of Kitchen Creek come together to continue down the glen. At the junction of the two is a marker for the The Glens Natural Area.

We paused for a couple minutes enjoying the peaceful location before we headed downstream to one more waterfall before heading up the Glen Leigh.

Gonoga Branch of Kitchen Creek from Waters Meet
Again, please be careful while visiting and hiking the area of the falls.

A note of thanks: A big thank you goes out to Susan and Kevin for joining me on this adventure and also for allowing the usage of their pictures in this article.

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