Histories and Mysteries Of Pennsylvania: Volume One

Due to the fact that a number of entries have been collected, expanded and placed in my book Histories and Mysteries of Pennsylvania: Vol One, I have removed the following articles off of the blog:

The Mysterious Death of Mary Reeser
The Lost Children of The Alleghenies: The Legend
The Lost Children of the Alleghenies: The Aftermath
The Lost Children of the Alleghenies: My Journey
Pepper Hill Trail (AKA: Surviving the Rock)
The Hounds of Hans Graf Cemetery
Pennsylvania's Moon Trees
Bellefonte's Union Cemetery: The Governors
Bellefonte's Union Cemetery: The Brothers Buchanan
The Peddler's Grave
Legend of the Schnae Harsh
Swamp Ruby
Murder on the Mountain: The Broad Mountain Ghost
Panic in Pandemonium
Haunted Highways: White Deer Pike
Adeline's Agony: The Baffling Baver Murder
The Amber Lantern Massacre
The Abandoned Turnpike: Lost Highway
The Abandoned Turnpike: Ray's Hill Tunnel
The Abandoned Turnpike: Sideling Hill Tunnel
The Great Woodward Shoot-out
The Tragic Death of Etna Bittenbender: Part One
The Tragic Death of Etna Bittenbender: Part Two
The Plum Tree Massacre

Volume One is currently out of stock and will be reprinted in the near future.

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